What To Do With Stair Box In Bedroom (Try These!)

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  • Date: March 23, 2023
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Here are the top ideas for what to do with a stair box in a bedroom.

  • A loft bed
  • A closet
  • Deep shelving
  • Toy storage
  • A display area

Boxed-in areas are quite common where there is a set of stairs passing underneath the room.

From built-in shelving to deluxe wardrobes and loft beds, I’ll explain how to not only camouflage, but make good use of the stair box.

Why is there a stair box in my bedroom?

The box is usually built to hide the head room of the stairs which pass underneath. The stairs pass up at an angle, but builders will construct a box shape around this angled part – otherwise you couldn’t sit anything on it.

Top solutions for a stair box in a bedroom

The Loft Bed

Loft beds are bed frames which are raised up at a height. If you have an existing stair box, you can choose the height for your loft bed – it can be built at the same height as the box, or at any higher point you like. 

Loft beds are a fantastic solution for children’s rooms. They are popular with kids because of the excitement of having steps to get up to the elevated position of the bed, as well as the fort-like hiding spaces they can have underneath.

They offer excellent opportunities for storage tailored to the needs of children: they can have drawers underneath for clothing, or a large toy box for those bulkier toys. 

If your stair box is a bit wider than a standard bed, the extra part can be used as a bedside table for your loft bed.

In a small room the loft bed is a major plus, as it gives more room for other furniture or a play area. It can even add value to your home.

The Closet

A closet with hanging space can be built above the stair box. If you want to maximise hanging space, you can even remove the box top, exposing the angle of the stair ceiling. This will give you vertical room to hang long dresses or coats.

Depending on the finished look you prefer, you can choose whether to add doors above the box, or to make floor-length doors which cover the box entirely and look like a normal closet.

Depending on the size of the box, you may have room for a mix of storage in your closet. Consider a hanging rail, shelving area, shoe storage, and areas for baskets.

If the box is in a dark corner of a room, you may be able to install a light in your closet for a luxe look and to make the storage area more practical.

If you can’t have a light installed, consider buying a DIY self-affixing click light, which can be pressed when you open the doors to the storage space.

Deep Shelving

The stair box usually has quite some depth. This gives a great space to build deep shelving to take your larger items.

Extra bed linen, such as blankets and quilts, cushions and sheet sets, can be stored in the shelves and look attractive and cosy.

Or you could buy decorative baskets and store smaller items inside them for a tidy look. Bookshelves are another great option.

You could display your books, along with some candles and vases reflecting current trends, for a stylish bedroom look.

Toy Storage

For a stair box in a child’s bedroom, building storage for toys or kids’ clothes above the stair box is a great option.

You can never have enough storage in a child’s room, and either a hanging rail, shelving, or an enclosed cupboard will give you a space you can continue to get practical use from as your child grows.

If you have a toddler, using this space for storage has the added bonus that it is somewhat elevated, and will be out of the toddler’s reach for a couple of years.

The Display Area

The simplest use of the stair box is as a display area – and it’s no cost! Does your child have a fish tank?

This would be the perfect spot to display it at a height where children can enjoy watching it. Do you or your child have a collection?

Use the box as your display space, and consider building shallow shelves at the back which fit the height of your collection items. Or just display an elegant plant, perhaps with a soft uplight to highlight it.

Final Thought

So there you have it, HomesHacks best ways to cover up that stair box that your so desperate to hide or at least make use of!

Applying any of the methods explained above will instantly give your stair box a huge make-over and give actual use for your room/home.

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