Kitchen Decor Ideas (Go Hard Core on your Décor 2022)

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  • Date: March 23, 2023
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The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. Most of the time, it’s spacious, holds substances that we all need daily, and provides us with comfort when we need it the most.

In a lot of cases, the kitchen décor doesn’t meet the home dynamic, practically draining the energy out of all those who see it every day.

If your kitchen is in a rut, check out these kitchen décor ideas that will breathe life back into it. Add some flavor to your home and enjoy all the vibes as you incorporate some of your favorite pieces.

We’ll show you how you can achieve everything from rookie décor to advanced Instagram-worthy setups, no matter what size your kitchen is.

Level: Easy Peasy

Looking for something that won’t cost a fortune and will still spruce up your kitchen a bit? The following ideas can do just that, giving your kitchen the small makeover it needs to regain its spot in your heart as the favorite room in your home.

Add Shelves

No matter the size of your kitchen, shelves are the perfect touch. It’s not expensive to do, it looks great, plus, it has the potential for change with the seasons. Open shelves open up the kitchen and create more of an airy flow throughout, bringing more energy along with it.

Think about all of the cool décors that you could add to shelves, playing with the position to draw the eye in, and add small, cute accessories that play up your kitchen’s personality in the process.

Consider adding potted plants, wood cutting boards, drinkware, dishware, or anything that brings a smile to your face.

Take It Up a Notch: If you’ve got clunky cabinets, consider getting rid of them and going for shelves instead. It will change the entire persona of your kitchen and give it the chill, positive vibes you’ve been searching for.

Add an Area Rug

Never underestimate the power of an area rug. They have the ability to give a much-needed facelift to your kitchen, making it more playful and fun.

If you love to host get-togethers, you’re sure to benefit from this simple yet super cool hack that’s guaranteed to change up your look in seconds.

While you can opt for different areas in your kitchen, one of the most common places to add a pop of color is under the table, using it to break up the design and add décor to match on top of the table. Together, these two changes have the power to brighten up anyone’s day, creating a unique and eye-catching space without a lot of effort.

Take It Up a Notch: If you’ve got a theme going on, try and opt for a rug that goes in the opposite direction. A random color or design will break up any theme and create an interesting treat for the eyes that is sure to attract attention and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Play Up Linens

If you haven’t discovered the power of linens, you’re in for a treat! They are not only easy to come across but super low-cost, making them one of the best kitchen décor ideas for anyone on a budget.

Linens are not just for drying dishes or hanging on the oven handle, they also serve a ton of other purposes, adding just the right touches to a blah kitchen that needs a new do.

Think of things like designs, colors, and even linens with words to add around your kitchen. Add them in fun places that need a little extra love, including your cabinets, close to the sink, near doors, and even hanging on walls.

Choose the same or make each one a different and unique one, enjoying the diversity of them all.

Take It Up a Notch: Add layers with fun and well-thought-out design that features a solid color below a printed towel. This will create something fun to look at while adding some finer detail to your kitchen that will really enhance its personality in ways you didn’t think possible.

Add in Quirky Accessories

Accessories are all the buzz, with the ability to take your kitchen from drab to fab in no time. Even the smallest accents can add a side to your kitchen you never thought possible, so thinking outside of the box is key.

Think about things like knobs and handles, all of them an opportunity to add a tasteful hint of color. Don’t forget about functional things like fruit holders and more, using them as a way to add color, dimension, and texture to your setup.

If you see a cool cookbook, why not throw it in the kitchen, using it as something more to add into the mix.

Take It Up a Notch: If you’re into finer details and love the cleanest and organized setups, then consider adding similar accents to your kitchen faucet and doorknobs.

Though many of these things sound small and like they won’t make too much of a difference, they will all come together beautifully for a cute décor item that takes all the smallest details in mind.


One carefully selected piece can change your kitchen’s attitude in seconds. Think about adding things like artsy window shades, tablecloths, and even covers for the doors.

Bold textiles should be the focal point of your kitchen, drawing all of the attention to it and adding an additional layer to the rest of the décor.

Consider easing up on your other décor accessories surrounding the textile you choose, making sure that things don’t clash too much.

Choose small things and place them around the kitchen and avoid using too much color, especially if your textile of choice is splashed with color.

Take It Up a Notch: Pick a color from your textile and add small accessories around your kitchen of the same color. It will bring out the color more and add a playful little path for the eye to sweep through when checking out the kitchen.

Level: Mid-Range Décor

For those that have want to go a step further and create looks that require a bit more planning, try out these mid-range décor items that will make your kitchen look like it’s been made over without completely tearing it up and starting over again.

Pattern Mix-Up

If you have more of a plain look going on in your kitchen, consider throwing together some patterns to create an instant makeover and refresher in your kitchen. Go with a run and a bold tile pattern or even choose wallpapers that have bold and daring designs that fit your style.

If you’ve had the same plain design with one color throughout, adding patterns will really give your kitchen a whole new take on life, making it easier on the eyes and more fun to walk into after a long, hard, day.

Don’t worry about going too matchy with designs, letting them contrast to create more of a break between designs and your kitchen color.

Design Tip: Don’t get too specific when it comes to colors and try to match everything. Play it up and add pops of bold colors around your kitchen here and there.

Combine fresh colors with neutral colors that draw attention to different areas and work well with the space and the light for a totally stylish look that’s not too put together.

Fill It Up

For those out there that love the design but have a smaller kitchen, you’re not out of luck! Even in a larger space, this design hack works so well, especially if you play it outright. What we mean by filling it up is to basically pack it with décor, looking for ways to maximize the design without overdoing it.

Okay, that might sound difficult, but it just takes some planning. Think about materials, colors, and space, finding ways to add creative touches that really play up the area.

It could be a good idea to take a look at your kitchen without anything around and find the places you want to fill up before taking off and organizing or buying anything to have a good idea of what items and colors to look for.

Design Tip: When starting out, try to stick to a 2X2 rule. Pick two colors and two textures, find different things, and add them together around your kitchen. A good starter is a wood and metal, choosing your preference of colors to create the look you’ve got in mind.

Light Fixtures FTW

If you’ve never changed up a light fixture in your home, then you’re totally missing out! They can take a dull room and brighten it up in seconds, creating a cool centerpiece that makes things look more modern and cooler.  

Don’t choose anything too ordinary, going for those that have unique shapes and are made from catchy materials that don’t clash with your current décor.

Placement is everything, so be sure to consider where to add your fixture where it really becomes the staple piece of your kitchen. Neutral colors go with everything and can stand out no matter what your style is.

Design Tip: Lighting is an important thing for your home. Make sure that the light fixture you choose doesn’t get in the way of the lighting and doesn’t make your space dim. If needed, add your fixture to one light and keep all the others around free from covers so they can create a bright space that you’ll love to be in.

Plate Racks

Plate racks are becoming more popular by the second, creating a cool alternative to bulky cabinets. They provide enough space to hold plates in place while creating more of an open concept in the kitchen.

Of course, one thing to consider with plate racks is your dishes, making sure that they don’t clash with whatever theme or color scheme you’ve got going on.

If you do decide on a plate rack, get creative with colors and styles, using them as a way to add in a little something extra in the process.

Even if you’re a larger family, you could just have one rack for plates and bowls, sticking to one set for the meals that you share at home together.

Design Tip: Don’t forget about simple accents on cabinets that can bring out the most in your kitchen area. Add some wire fruit racks and colorful fruits or consider adding beautiful stained cutting boards for instant style without a ton of extra cost.

Playful Seating

Changing up chairs can make a huge difference in a kitchen, making it more inviting. Not only can you play up seats but you can also play up colors, adding a vibrant hue to your new kitchen look.

Consider going bold and adding a bright finish that instantly brightens the room.

If color isn’t quite your thing, choose neutral tones with a unique design. This will still add a cool effect without getting too far into vibrant colors if that’s just not your thing.

Design Tip: If your kitchen is quite sparse, the bolder the better. Think about adding pops of colors to your seating of choice and around your kitchen to change up your old routine. You’ll wake up feeling more energized and ready to take on the day.

Level: Advanced Styles

Now, we’re on to a few more advanced techniques that you can try to spruce up your kitchen. When considering these, know that some might take some time and planning to execute.

If you’ve got the time and the skills, then throw on some gloves and get ready to see where your imagination can take you, trying out these looks in your kitchen.

Patterned Decals

We’ve mentioned patterns before but, adding decals and tiles takes it one step further. To execute, you’ll have to likely buy materials, consider placement, and even think about how you’re going to add them to your current kitchen wall.

Decals are sticky and removable, which makes them perfect for home designers that can’t quite decide. Still, considering the layout and the patterns are two things that need to be done regardless.

This kitchen décor idea works best with plain colored tile, as it livens it up a bit with colors and designs. Correct placement of decals can take the place of other types of décors, allowing you to just have a quick fix and go.

A more permanent solution is to add tiles, which can change up your whole look too, just consider the costs and the fact that you might have to stick with whatever you choose for a while.

Design with Storage

Who would have thought that storage could be such a trendy thing? When it comes to kitchen space, storage has the power to help you organize and totally transform your space. Thinking about  

the layout, find a cool pair of drawers, add some cubbies to a wall, or even go for some open storage for an open look.

From wine glasses to cool cups and decanters, all of that has the power to add some flavor to your kitchen, making it accessible and stylish at the same time.

Add a tall set of shelves and go with a color scheme of dishes and accessories that will really make any area of your kitchen stand out. Play up colorful products that you love to keep in your kitchen or just keep it simple with glassware.

Backsplash Anyone?

A perfectly placed backsplash can change the look of your entire kitchen. It draws the eye to one area, making it the focal point that gets all of the attention once you walk in.

If you have a hall-like kitchen that is elongated, a backsplash design could make it look more interesting and give you further design opportunities while you’re at it.

Throw in a backsplash and add a rug for a dose of eye candy or play up your cabinets with a color that corresponds. Don’t forget to add products and accessories along with your current design, using it as a way to add décor with a function that you’ll surely use when cooking.

Make Color your BFF

Committing to one color can be difficult, especially if you’re used to plain white walls. Though it takes some thinking, you could change up your whole kitchen, bringing more light and life to it.

Consider looking at the natural light in your kitchen as well as the placement of appliances. It doesn’t have to be a full blank wall but can even be a wall with appliances connected.

Choose a spot no matter how big or small and choose a fun color that inspires creativity. Don’t worry too much about matching things up, using your keen eye to add splashes of colors here and there that create an unruly yet perfect piece of art that your eye will not be able to get enough of.

Art with Pizazz

Art has a place in the kitchen too, giving it an extra flair and possibly changing the entire vibe. You don’t have to browse the kitchen aisle only, taking a stroll around stores to find unique pieces that have personality. If you have a decorating style, choose pieces that fit the theme.

If you don’t have a design yet, choose a piece that acts as inspiration for your color scheme and your theme.

Both of these will help bring out the art you chose while adding a classy touch to any wall or setup that you have in your kitchen.

Get Rid of the Doors

If you’re into open designs and unique kitchen décor ideas, then perhaps you can ditch the doors and go for a truly open concept. We’re not just talking about doors into and out of the kitchen but even cabinets and doors that lead to the pantry too.

Think about an open pantry with beautiful baskets on the inside to hold essentials and neatly organized jars and canisters to hold foods and spices. There is a trend with bulk spices and foods, using them as décor and food all at the same time.

Top Kitchen Décor Trends of 2022

The year is coming to a close and bringing with it designs from the past.

2022 is all about making bold and daring choices, changing up the narrative, and creating looks that are just as unique as each home designer.

To get ahead of the game and start looking to the hottest new trends, check out these that you’re sure to see in 2022.

Marble and Gold

There is something about marble that has the ability to add instant class to any room. Its swirled design and glossy finish are perfect for countertops, something that many of the trendiest kitchens are boasting.

Pairing beautiful marble designs with gold accents is sure to make an appearance in 2022, possibly hanging around for more than just a year.

Perfect Pairings: A gray-toned marble with gold creates the perfect match for dark hardwood flooring and white accents. It’s fresh, glassy, and right on-trend.

Steel and Wood

Modern designs are here to stay, though they have their own set of changes year after year. This

year, we’re seeing a lot of modern layouts with steel appliances and wood. The rugged texture of wood and the smooth finish of metal create the perfect look for any kitchen, calling for minimal extra décor to make the kitchen look and feel in style.

Perfect Pairings: For the ultimate modern look, go for all-natural lighting and add a few potted plants around. The greens and browns go perfectly together with dark finished wood and grey steel, inspiring peace and tranquility along with style.

Double Islands

Kitchen islands have been a popular layout for some time now. However, 2022 is sure to see a change-up, with two islands in kitchens instead of one.

One island can feature the sink and space for chopping and preparing cuisines while the other is a spot to add barstools and encourage standing, sitting, and socializing.

If you have the space, consider adding two islands and breaking up the middle for fun social events that will have the whole neighborhood interested.

Perfect Pairings: Double islands work well with cool light fixtures and seating arrangements, both of which add instant flair and support more interaction and flow between hosts and guests.

The Open Concept

The open concept has slowly been making its way to a spot as one of the most sought-after designs It’s made an appearance here in there but, in 2022, it’s sure to have its moment.

Open concept kitchens are all about fusing space with the kitchen, making it an integral part of the home instead of a separate room.

Open concepts can feature an island and appliances that are placed at the perfect angle to allow hosts to prepare meals and snacks while interacting with the rest of the home and guests.

Perfect Pairings: Because the open concept blends with other rooms like the living area and more, it’s a good idea to consider the color of barstools and light fixtures, making everything flow together beautifully in the process.

Smarter Appliances

Not all kitchens come with a ton of space. It’s because of that key appliances are getting a makeover too, with smarter and more efficient designs and some with additional storage to allow for more room in an otherwise cramped up space.

Perfect Pairings: Consider only adding appliances of the same color scheme to keep things looking smooth and fresh.

For small kitchens, look for new and improved appliances that hide behind cabinet doors or even come with additional storage to act as more than just a kitchen appliance.

All Things Green

There is not one solid reason why green hues are making it big but, they’re showing up all over the place. One of the most beautiful is a dark jade, which seems to go well with all kinds of colors, designs, and accents.

If you’re lucky enough to have wide-open windows that let light spill in, you’re in for a treat with a beautiful color that blends with the outdoors beautifully.

Perfect Pairings: A darker green goes well with many colors and accents, including brass, gold, and wood. Consider adding hardwood floors with gold accents for a modern and clean design that will give your eyes the new look that they’ve been waiting for.

Decorative Ventilation Hoods

If you’re all about design, then you might be picky when it comes to choosing kitchen necessities. One of them is the ventilation hood.

While there are some standard designs that come with cool steel colors, a new trend spotted recently that’s sure to blow up in 2022 is a decorative ventilation hood.

Adding designs has a way to completely change the look of your kitchen while breathing life into something essential.

Perfect Pairings: Decorative ventilation hoods are best paired with kitchens that are one color scheme. If you’ve got a white backdrop, white tiles, or even a solid black design, there are an infinite number of possibilities but a plainer backdrop will allow for a more bold hood design with a ventilation hood.

One Color Kitchens

Another trend that seems to be blowing up across the globe is one-color kitchens. Instead of mixing things up, some fashionable chefs are going for all white or all black décor and appliances.

This look might seem a bit tricky to pull off but, it’s actually quite simple and always comes out super stylish. While white and black are some of the most popular, there have also been some grey-wash appearances popping up too.

Perfect Pairings: If you choose one single color, one trick is to add small accents here and there. Going all white, you could add small gold handles and accessories around your kitchen. For a darker gray, add silver, and see how fabulous your kitchen comes out.

Glassy Pieces

Glass accessories are making a comeback, with a modern and sort of industrial look about them.

They look great with so many colors and decorations, making it a solid choice if you’re on the hunt for something new and hip Consider adding light fixtures or decorations that are clear glass, which can modernize any kitchen setup in just a few seconds.

Perfect Pairings: As we said, glass fixtures go with every color under the sun. It’s because of this that the pairings with this trend are endless, allowing designers to use their imagination.

Simply take a look at your color scheme, change up your lighting and accessories, and if you’re feeling bold, add a new hue to a wall or your cabinets for a complete kitchen makeover.

Wood Ceilings

Another complete change that home kitchen decorators can try out is to completely redo the ceiling. The ceiling is not really an area that too many consider, though it comes with a lot of potentials when it’s changed up.

Adding a beautiful wood with the perfect stain is one way to make your kitchen look brand new and it’s super stylish. This one might be beyond your budget but, you could add that to the list of things to do to completely revamp your look.

Perfect Pairings: Because a wood ceiling is a big change and sort of a statement, some of your other décors can be simple.

Consider adding some bold chairs with blue or green color and tie both colors together with an area rug or some wall art.

Before you Go Hard Core on your Décor

There are tons of trends out there for kitchen décor. These are good to use for inspiration but, at the end of the day, you should add your own twist to everything.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in there and need something that will make you want to stay and relax and soothe you no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

Use these ideas to get inspired and sprinkle your own style in for a unique twist on today’s hottest kitchen trends.

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