How To Increase The Height of The Garden Wall – Garden Wall Guide 2022!

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  • Date: March 23, 2023
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The garden wall is an important architectural feature of any property. They are also extremely practical as they provide a boundary to your garden, landscaping your outdoor space in order to make it more private and secure. If you have a small garden or yard, using the side of the house or building can save space. This type of landscape will save you time and money for building materials.

Building a tall garden wall is not that complicated, but you must choose the right site, plan carefully to avoid any problems in construction. If you are planning to build the wall quickly to get your garden without spending too much time on it, look closely at all these details before starting work.

How To Build A Stone Wall

First, you need to choose the right size for your stone wall. make sure that it is on level ground, preferably with good drainage. look at all sides of the house before starting work to find an ideal place where you can make free of excessive slopes or depressions. allow some space before landing or for the bed between walls. if necessary, reduce or increase space before laying a large stone base. 

For stability in all parts of the wall, avoid building near any underlying water pipes, power lines and sewer drains. remember to take these things into account when calculating the height at which you must build your garden wall 

How to calculate the height of a garden stone wall:

first, measure the desired height of the fence. then you need to figure out how many stones you will need for this. measure the length of your yard and divide it by stone width (usually about three feet). multiply the result by one-third and add a few inches for the rising grade or lack of stones, erring on the side of caution.

how to lay a foundation for a garden stone wall?

to start building the stone wall, you need to put down a layer of crushed stone, gravel, or sand at least three inches deep. this will allow water to drain away from the wall and provide good stability along its entire length. then dig up the soil at the bottom of the wall, about three inches deep. remove all debris and large pieces of rock to avoid damaging the stones when building the construction.

Building Your Garden Stone Wall

when you lay down your first layer of stones, start at one end or one side of the yard. make sure that each stone is level with each other using a spirit level and a hammer. do not forget that the stones of the wall must support each other. Building a stone wall of two or three courses is enough to provide stability for your fence. add layers of smaller stones on top to make it look more attractive, one course at a time.

Finishing Touches On Garden Stone Wall

before you finish building a garden wall, think about how you will fill the gaps between stones. if you want a more modern appearance with your stone wall, use mortar and grout to fill in the gaps. if you do not have a lot of time or money to build a garden wall, consider using metal or plastic lattice for this purpose. Do not forget to place a sturdy metal fence gate for easy access to the garden.

More techniques on how to increase the height of the garden wall?

Another way to increase garden wall height is using construction adhesive instead of mortar. just pour the adhesive into each hole and place your stone carefully before the adhesive dries. this method is popular for building tall walls with small stones because it is fast and effective.

  • Metal Posts – To build taller stone walls, you could use metal posts instead of cement blocks or bricks. mount 4-by-4-inch posts every few feet to the top of the wall. this is a good way to support vines, trellises or plant hangers, which are popular for making taller gardens walls look more attractive.
  • Wooden Posts – and another way to increase garden wall height is by using wood posts instead of metal or cement. attach wooden boards between the posts to provide more stability along the length of the wall. this will ensure that all stones are held securely in place while you build your garden wall.
  • Climbing Plants Or Trellises To increase the height of the garden wall you can also use climbing plants, espalier trees or trellises. Just plant some vines or climbers on top of an existing wall to make them look taller. espalier trees are also a great idea if you desire more privacy, and they will grow over an 8-foot tall garden wall in no time.

How To Build Brick Garden Wall

The many advantages to hiring a professional landscaping company are due in large part to the fact that they can do most of the labor, planning, and materials for your project. A common area where homeowners turn to landscape companies is when they need to build garden walls. Garden walls are very beneficial in creating boundaries between different areas in your yard; however, they do take a good amount of time and hard work to build.

Fortunately, building your own brick garden wall is easier than you think. All it takes is some bricks, mortar, and the right tools for mixing and cutting materials. Below we will show you how to create a sturdy brick garden wall in your backyard:

Important: Allowing for drainage and future expansion: it is always best to build up from below. Ensure that there is sufficient airflow behind the wall so that it can move without becoming unstable. Do not use mortar which will crack when the wall expands and contracts.

  1. To begin, determine your brick garden wall dimensions. The first step is to decide how long you want the wall to be and then divide that number by three. Once you have divided the length of your garden wall by three, measure out that number and place stakes in those spots.
  2. Next, lay down a string line between the stakes and set out the first course of bricks. The first course should be made up of full-length bricks, which are 12 inches long and four inches high. Once this course is laid, measure the length and cut a corresponding amount of half-length bricks in order to complete the second row. For example, if you have ten full-length bricks then you will need five half-length bricks to complete that course.
  3. Once the first row is set, you can lay out the second course of half-length bricks on top of the full-length brick course. Make sure to leave a one-inch gap between bricks. Continue building courses until your garden wall reaches your desired height. It is best to build one course at a time, allowing the mortar to dry completely before adding any new courses.
  4. Once you have reached your desired height, begin laying brick caps on top of each course. Brick caps are bricks that are designed with a more decorative look and they give the garden wall a polished appearance. Continue building up courses until your brick garden wall is complete.
  5. Once your brick garden wall is completed, you can add a rope or iron-wire railing on top for a decorative finish. Just remember that it is important to cut the materials to meet the specifications of your wall height and width before beginning construction.


Hope you enjoyed this article on how to increase the height of the garden wall. Finding the right landscape company can be a challenge if you have little experience in hiring professionals for landscaping work. Make sure that you follow all of the above tips, and your brick garden wall will turn out lovely!

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