Home decor ideas with pine cones (Amazing 2022 Ideas For Your Home)

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  • Date: March 22, 2023
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Pine cones are a popular decoration for the home. They can be used as tabletop decorations, as gifts, to decorate wreaths and garlands. Not only are they cost-effective, but also an easy craft project that can be completed in one day.

Before you begin decorating with your pine cones, it’s a good idea to clean them. If the tips appear dirty or sticky, they can be easily cleaned by rubbing them with a dry cloth or newspaper. For pine cones that have been previously sprayed with shellac-based paint, use steel wool to gently scrub off flakes of paint. A wire brush can also be used, but it may damage the evergreen cones even more.

Once your pine cones are clean and dry, you’re ready to begin decorating them. There is no end to the possibilities for using this unique touch in holiday and home decor. Below is a list that we think is a great addition to the home decor with pine cones!

  • Use them to decorate Christmas wreaths, garlands and hang them on the Christmas tree.
  • Decorate small evergreen potted trees in your home with pine cones for a rustic touch.
  • Place the pine cones along kitchen windowsills or in window boxes to bring nature indoors during winter when outdoor greenery is scarce.
  • Use them to line a staircase or a walkway.
  • Scatter pine cones in a vase for a table centerpiece or an entryway piece.
  • Place them in a basket and use them as gift toppers.
  • Fill rustic bowls with pine cones and place candles on top of them for extra decoration.

For more home decor ideas with pine cones, check out these lovely craft projects:

  • Pine Cone Snowflake Ornament – These easy-to-make snowflakes are a great outdoor decoration or adornment for your Christmas tree.
  • Living Wreath with Pine Cones – This wreath is not only beautiful but also fragrant and lasts throughout the season.
  • Beaded Pine Cone Ornaments – These elegant ornaments are an easy, DIY project that uses only pine cones, wire, and beads.
  • Basket Stuffed with Evergreens & Pine Cones – This rustic basket is filled with evergreens and pine cones for easy decoration.

By using pine cones to decorate your home, you are offering a perfect touch of woodland charm. You’ll feel like you’re in a rustic forest retreat with these natural elements adorning your surroundings.

Are pine cones fall or winter decor?

Pine cones are aptly named, but can also be used to decorate for any season.   There are many ways in which you can incorporate pine cones into your home decor. The easiest way is to toss them onto your existing fall or winter wreath or festive garland. You can also buy pine cones dyed in holiday colors and place them on candlestick holders or candle plates. This gives you the benefit of adding pine cones without the hassle.

Pine cones are also lovely stand-alone pieces, which can be placed anywhere in your holiday decorating scheme. You can prop them up in a bowl of special earth to give them a natural look. Or you might want to use them to decorate your mantelpiece or fireplace. They can be put into vases on their own, or you might want to mix in some autumn leaves for a stunning effect.

Pine cones are also lovely when used in mixed floral arrangements. You can also place them around the house with other pieces of holiday decorating to add a bit of extra holiday flair. You can use Christmas or fall-themed tinsel and place it inside the pine cone for a different effect.

Don’t let pine cones be your afterthought this holiday season. Whether you are decorating for Thanksgiving or Christmas, pine cones are the perfect way to enhance your overall home decor!

What do you put pine cones in?

You can place pine cones in a number of different container types. You can use them as centerpieces in a large rustic bowl or a simple, clear glass or crystal vase. They also look lovely when placed inside Christmas stockings which have been painted green to resemble evergreens.

Pine cones can also be displayed in baskets, which is especially fitting for a rustic design. You might think of decorating large wooden bowls this way or even small wicker ones lined with felt or plush green fabric. If you have pine cone garlands, they are lovely when strung up around the basket’s edge to give an added touch.

How do you make pine cone crafts?

You can make a number of different types of pine cone crafts, depending on your skill level and the time that you have to devote to crafting. Many people tend to choose small projects for simple seasonal decorating while larger, more intricate designs are saved for special occasions like wedding or baby shower centerpieces. If you are looking to make a simple centerpiece, consider using small pine cones because they don’t take long to fashion into something magnificent. Here’s how:

  1. Glue gun the pinecone together by taking two at a time and gluing them back to back in an upside-down “U” shape. Keep gluing them in this way until you have a shape that resembles a circular flower.
  2. Decorate with ribbon and fresh flowers and place in the center of your dining room table for an instant, gorgeous centerpiece!

Another way to make a pine cone craft is to simply spray paint your pine cones. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Collect your pine cones in whatever size you prefer.
  2. Cover the ground where the pine cones are with newspaper or old cardboard.  You don’t want to get paint on anything but they need to be protected from overspray of paint.
  3. Use several coats of spray paint, letting them dry completely between each coat. You can pick from a number of different colors, but consider using glittered spray paint for an added touch!
  4. Once your pine cones are completely dry, place them in a basket and use them for decoration.

If you want to get more intricate with your pine cone crafts, consider making decorations using real gold or silver leaf. Here’s how:

  1. Use tiny paintbrushes and some craft glue or paste wax to add some sparkle or shine to your pine cones.
  2. Once dry, use embellishments like ribbon or fake flowers to make them festive for whatever occasion you are decorating for.

A very unique pine cone craft is to use them in a wreath form. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Purchase a Styrofoam cone from the craft store and cover it with glue or paste wax.
  2. Cover completely with pine cones, making sure that they get glued on securely. It helps if you have some assistance when doing this as it can be a bit difficult.
  3. Cover the front and sides with ribbon or fake flowers to make your wreath look festive.  
  4. Hang the wreath on your door or hang it somewhere suitable for instant “feel good” home decoration!

If you plan on bringing your pine cone crafts inside, remember to spray paint them in a well-ventilated area. You can also add an extra layer of protection by spraying another coat or two of protective gloss or matte polyurethane over the finished product.

What other things do you put pine cones in?

You can use pine cones in a number of different ways, depending on your personal preferences and the season. They make lovely wreath additions if you choose the right type for your climate; they can be used to decorate packages, and they even make nice hostess gifts when left in a decorative bowl with an accompanying note.

Where else do people use pine cones?

Pine cones are common in nature, so it should come as no surprise that they are used in a number of different ways. One of the most common uses for pine cones is to decorate Christmas trees, both real and artificial. At Christmas time, many people will bring pine cones inside their homes and spray paint them green or gold; then, they will use them to decorate houseplants and hanging baskets.


Using pine cones as home decor is easy, fun, and inexpensive. Not to mention, pine cones are easily accessible no matter where you live. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and we hope to see you introducing a little bit of nature to your home decor!

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