Elegant Home Decor Ideas (Top And Trending For 2022)

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  • Date: March 23, 2023
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Everyone wants a home they can be proud of, but so often, elegant homes come with elegant price tags, which most of us just can’t afford. Luckily, there are ways to decorate your home with simple decor such as lighting, throw pillows, candles, curtains, and so much more.

If you are desperate for a home makeover and want some great ideas that will make the neighbors jealous, keep reading. This article is full of ideas, tips, tricks, and suggestions to give your style a more elegant edge.

Below are examples of elegant home decor ideas that can give your home that special look you have been waiting for.

Modern Elegance Home Ideas

In the world of modern home decor, it is best to think of it as less is more, with wide-open space with sleek designs and clean and clutter-free. This is the “black and white” elegant style that you often see in homes of celebrities or high-end condos in places like NY city.

Modern Styled Livingroom

Consider purchasing a white leather sofa with black and white decorative pillows for a modern elegant living room. Near the sofa, add a contemporary style area rug underneath a simple yet sleek black coffee table. Using bamboo, create an accent wall with branches reaching ceiling-high behind your couch. Then lighten the space with floor lamps that hold giant pale white globes at the top.

Modern Styled Kitchen

Like your living room, you want to keep a modern kitchen clear of clutter. No door cabinets are becoming more common, giving you easy access to everything you need. 

These days, a popular feature in modern kitchens is stainless steel appliances surrounded by dark chalky grey cabinets and white shiny marble countertops. To really impress your guests, add a sleek black marble bar with a great wine glass display as a dual-purpose decore.

With a modern feel kitchen, leaving your walls decoration-less is the best option, if you want to add a touch of personality, you can do this with some vases and a few tabletop accessories, and modern-day stainless steel canisters.

Modern Styled Bedroom

You always want your bedroom to be your place of solitude, somewhere you can go to relax and rest peacefully. Because of this, we suggest you go big or go home when decorating this space. In a modern bedroom, you can utilize dark wooden flooring with a shaggy white area rug for under the bed space, leaving enough room on all sides for a warm place to step when first waking up.

You should consider light grey painted walls with an accent wall made from faux brick and an indoor electric fireplace. The perfect bedding would include a thick feather comforter in the same grey as the walls, with clean and fresh white sheets and pillowcases.

For your decore, place some small pieces of art on some floating shelves, along with a few modern pieces of art placed in beautiful black frames. To wrap things up, hang two lamps on each side of the bed that drops down from the ceiling stopping right above the headboard, displaying two big white glass bulbs (pendant lights).

Country Love Home Design

One of the fastest-growing trends these days is chic country designs. This form of decore pairs perfectly with log cabins, country homes, or any space that is looking for that old farm town feel.

Country Styled Livingroom

To get a country-chic look in your living room, think of items such as wooden furniture, mason jars, and lots of whites, creams, and light browns or beige. Picture a plump cream couch and love seat with a white woven blanket and matching throw pillows set perfectly on each one.

A tall white entertainment center pushed up against a solid beige, with bookshelves that line up from the floor to ceiling on both sides and mason jar wall sconces with fake wildflowers hanging on the adjacent wall.

On top of your hardwood floor are a shaggy white area rug and two oak tables on both sides of the couch, with a distressed white coffee table in front. Add a splash of color with some long sheer baby blue curtains.

Country Styled Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to add a little country flair in the most elegant of ways. In this room, you can utilize a white wood finish design for all of your cabinets with a darker wooden countertop to add a little flare.

If your kitchen is big enough, a distressed white island in the center of the room with vases full of flowers and basins or mason jars is used to hold silverware. Copper kitchen appliances and hardware such as door nobs and drawer handle gives a great old country rustic look with a sleek modern feel.

Country Styled Bedroom

Are you looking for a great way to give your bedroom that country life? There are many great ways to make an elegant country bedroom that will have you wanting to spend the whole day lying in bed.

To start the design, buy a dark oak bed frame with a large, sturdy headboard, a plush mattress dressed up with a white lace bed skirt, white sheets, and bedspread, with a light grey throw thrown across the end of the bed, and a light grey pillowcases.

Add some white lace drapes and wrought iron curtain rods to the window, with three rustic framed mirrors lined up horizontally above the headboard on a solid white wall. Add a rustic old fashion wooden barrel by the side of your bed for a great country-style end table pulling the whole look together.

Natural Beauty

Nothing is more elegant than nature; that is why so many people are turning to more neutral and natural colors and decor to create a gorgeous home.

Natural Beauty Livingroom

Natural living rooms often go for light or pale wall colors with carpets to match. Place a light-colored leather sofa against one wall with a large decorative rectangular mirror positioned a few feet above it.

Add two leather chairs to the room, one on each side of the sofa and a brass chandelier hanging above a natural wood coffee table. Lay a few magazines on top of the table for decoring (and something your guests can look through).

Style your windows with salmon-colored curtains and sheer white curtains underneath. Then spruce up your space with a few house plants, succulents, and peace lilies are always good options.

Natural Beauty Kitchen

Keep your natural kitchen open and bright. Never hand dark or thick curtains in the windows and paint the walls white, light tan, or even a pale light green. 

Paint your cabinets white and use stainless steel hardware to give it a fresh modern yet neutral look, and add an old-fashioned kitchen hutch to one wall.

For some beautiful decore, build shelves underneath the windows and place vases with sunflowers, wildflowers, and herbs all around the room.

Natural Beauty Bedroom

Nothing is more calming than a neutral-colored bedroom that allows natural light to shine through and your space to appear more open. Try painting the walls a pale light blue with white trim in a neutral bedroom.

Then hang pretty white glass wall sconces on each side of your bed. Use lacey white curtains with shades giving you the option of privacy when you want it. Purchase light pales blue bedding to match the color of the walls and place some house plants on end tables on each side of your bed.

Complete this look with a tall white vanity with full-body mirrors on each side and a flush light fixture above the bed for a sleek yet subtle light source.

The Exquisite Bachelor Pad

For those men out there looking for elegant decor and design that will show your mature and sophisticated side, but can also be a great gathering place for football games and poker night, a modern/industrial look may be right for you.

Exquisite Bachelor Livingroom

An elegant bachelor pad will work out great by combining the unique looks from modern painting and furniture paired with industrial appliances and decor.

You can create a great look in a living room with a black leather sectional with a matching recliner and a dark stained wooden coffee table on top of hardwood flooring.

You can hang a giant wooden clock or a “melting” clock on the walls for fun.  A metal pipe and wood bookshelf would also look great on both sides of your television.

Exquisite Bachelor Kitchen

For an industrial/modern kitchen, on the walls, you can try painting three walls white, with faux brick paneling for the fourth. Then use a large wooden island in the center of the room for our table with barstools on all sides.

Use old wooden crates for storage shelves and copper-colored accents around the appliances and a large hanging light fixture directly above the table.

Exquisite Bachelor Bedroom

Place a wooden platform bed against a faux cement accent wall, with a wall sconce lighting fixture on each side of the mattress. Paint the remaining three walls a light grey color and add hardwood or faux wood flooring and a simple black area rug on top.

Place metal flowers made from spoons inside a vase and add some retro-style antiques and photos to give your room some life. On your bed, purchase a black comforter set that will lay atop black cotton sheets and accent the room with some red throw pillows giving your room a small pop of color.

These are only a few ideas out there to create an elegant home with simple decor options and styles. You can create your own unique design simply by getting creative with your personal style.

Budget-Friendly Elegant Home Decor

Are you trying to spruce up a space without breaking the bank? Or, do you want to create an elegant look without purchasing all new furniture or renovating an entire room? We have you covered. 

There are many ways to turn an outdated or basic room into an elegant space with simple changes that don’t require much money or effort.

Crown Molding

Just the name of it makes you think elegance and royalty. Adding crown molding to any room is going to improve the appearance immediately. You can purchase this product from any local home improvement store or even online, and installation is a cinch.

Window Treatments

The curtains or blinds you use can make a huge difference in any space. There are massive ways to spruce up your window, giving your room a whole new look. You can choose from blinds, shutters, drapes, curtains, and so much more.


Although painting may take some time, it doesn’t cost a lot of money, and simply changing the color of your room can give it a great look. Many paint brands even offer their own line of “elegance” paint colors, making it a little easier to decide which one to get.


If you have the means to replace your carpets, doing so can give a room an entirely new feel. If your budget isn’t going to allow that big of a change, grabbing some amazing and elegant accent rugs can change a space. 

You can pick up accent rugs in a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and materials, providing you with plenty of options to match your personal style.

House Plants

House Plants Decor

Whether you have a green thumb or perfect plastic, adding some greenery to the home is a quick and easy way to spice up a space and give it a more classy look.

House plants are quickly growing in popularity as home decor items as most are easy to maintain, and studies have shown that even the smallest amount of nature in your space creates a peaceful feeling.


Remove that old ceiling fan or broken light fixture and replace it with a more modern design. There is an abundance of lighting options designed for every room. You can purchase a grand chandelier, small pendant lights, light track fixtures, or use simple fairy lights to transform a room, and that’s only naming a few.


No room is complete without mirrors. Whether it is a classy vanity mirror in your bathroom or small circle mirrors placed in formation on one wall, you can utilize mirrors as dual-purpose decorations.

Accent Wall

Accent walls are absolutely fantastic and can take your room to a whole new level with ease. These walls can be made literally out of almost anything.

Faux stone panels are a popular option for an elegant accent wall, as well as reclaimed wood or a dynamic design.

You can even create a great accent wall just by painting it a different color than the other three. An excellent way to do this is by painting three walls white, and the fourth (where your bed will go) can be dark purple or navy blue.

Accent Pillows

You can purchase accent pillows from just about any department, furniture, or good home store. Using different accent pillows on your couches and bed will add some color and that little “something” to change your look from dull to elegant. You can even make your own covers to change the look of the pillows up whenever you want.


Not only do candles smell fantastic, but they can also come in some really great colors and designs. There are branch candle holders that will look fantastic on top of a dining room table or floating candles that will look beautiful in a decorative glass vase or bowl.

You can decorate a space with candles inside country chic mason jars or hang them from the wall on-top of sconces.

You can even go ahead and make your home even more ‘homely’ by making your own candles. Knowing that the smell of your own candles and design came from you instantly makes it more the perfect home feel!

Elegant Home Decor Themes


The industrial theme home decor design has just recently picked up popularity and, when done right, can make any room look elegant with a bit of rawness.

For industrial-themed decor, you want items in your home that have exposed parts, like industrial steel and brick. You can also use copper decorations and iron accents. A cement floor can also be used along with section furniture and antique lighting fixtures.


The Zen decor theme is a great option for many homes, brings calmness, peace, and nature into your space. The Zen idea is based on natural colors, including beige, tan, cream, and natural wood.

Great ways to spruce up space are with bamboo, flowing water (like fountains), lotus flowers, and a minimal amount of furniture and wide-open space.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a great way to utilize old things to make them beautiful again. You can easily upcycle products to repurpose them, giving items a new life and your space a new look. When creating a shabby chic look, you want to go as rustic as possible. This includes pastels and light colors, and a distressed appearance.


When we think of contemporary decor, we think of professional, straightforward, and fine lines. To create a contemporary look for your space, keep the colors to basic whites and blacks, including walls and furniture.

Reduce the use of ruffles and unique shaped items and utilize fine lines in picture frames lined up in a straight and orderly fashion.


For a great farmhouse look with an elegant feel, utilize rustic wood with mason jar decor. Think burlap and lace when decorating this space. You can also try utilizing an exposed stone wall or ceiling beams.

Install a sliding “farm door” to your kitchen or dining room entranceway or utilize old wooden barrels for DIY end tables. Wicker baskets and old wooden milk crates are also great additions to a farmhouse style.


The Victorian-style home isn’t as popular as it once was but is still a fantastic way to give your room an elegant feel. 

When considering Victorian-style decore, think asymmetrical designs, textured wall surfaces, and mid-century wallpaper with vibrant colors, especially maroons and purples, velvet fabrics, and elaborate showy furniture. You can also add in some stained glass windows and large oversized mid-century lamps.


Although the name implies less is more, you can still decorate your home in a minimalist way and still make it look elegant.

The minimalist likes clean lines and simple decor, nothing brightly colored or showy. The color theme is usually a very light grey, blue, or white, and the furniture is simple.

Lighting and fixtures can be stainless steel or a modern/midcentury design and relatively basic. The elegance is in the clean, crisp lines and tones used to pull this look together.

Hollywood Vibes

When you are living a life of luxury, obviously, you are going to have an elegant home, and the phrase “less is more” definitely doesn’t apply to this theme.

When gathering decore for your home to get that Hollywood feel, think about victorian style undertones and contemporary colors. Think lavish, bold, and powerful—purchase velvet, silk, and fur. (Preferably faux fur, but we won’t judge).

You want dramatic styles with antique furniture and booming color; aim for shock value with an elegant allure.


It is pretty safe to assume you think bold colors, ethnic designs, and intense patterns when you think Bohemian. While the Bohemian style is rich in decor and displays, it can still create an exquisite look if presented in the right way.

If you are trying to get a Bohemian style in your home, the bedroom is usually the best space for this. You should look into a variety of colors in throws, accent rugs, pillows, etc. You also want to include items like dream-catchers, animal hides, and Moroccan-style pieces.

Tips for Decorating Your Home with Elegance

No matter your style, budget, or skill, creating an elegant home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a daunting task. Following a few simple rules can help you tremendously, keeping you on track to a fabulous, beautiful home.

Less is More

Aside from a few exceptions (listed above), keeping your space free from clutter is a great way to obtain a clean and elegant look. Adding too many colors, designs, or even furniture can make any area look unkempt and less luxurious. 

Limit the amount of painting or pictures you place on your wall and only purchase the furniture you will actually use. Keep your end tables and coffee tables clear except for a magazine, a few candles, or one or two nicks snacks.

Keep Things Coordinated

Do not try combining multiple themes into one area (or even into one house). It is best to try and keep your decore uniform throughout the home.

While some themes can intertwine well together, like vintage decore and farmhouse decore, others wouldn’t mesh well at all, such as contemporary and Bohemian.

You also want to keep your colors unified as well; even if they would work separately in a theme, it doesn’t mean they will work well together. If you aren’t sure what colors match, you can always get help from a home improvement store, paint store, or online.

Only Purchase What You Can Keep Up With

There is absolutely nothing less elegant than a yellowing, wilting, house plant or a stained-up white carpet. If you have kids and pets, Harwood floors are probably the best way for you to keep an elegant appearance and If you lack in the world of plant care, stick with faux flowers.

When improving the appearance of your home, never get in over your head with things that won’t make sense in the end.

Photos and Decore Need to Be Presented Properly

Whenever you hang something on the wall, it should be placed in an appropriate position and straight. Use a level to make sure your photos and art are hanging even and keep things lined up even when they are diagonal. 

It is a good rule of thumb to place the middle of a picture or posture 5-5 ½ feet from the floor, starting at the center of the photo. This will place the object directly in the line of sight for most people. 

Make sure your frames are also complimentary of each other if they are not the same. Having a modge-podge of picture frames will make any room look messy.

Hardware Can Pull a Look Together

If you can’t do anything else in the kitchen or bathroom, replacing the hardware on our drawers, cabinets, and faucets can make a huge difference. Remove the outdated plain white plastic nobs with fashionable stainless steel ones to give your space a quick and affordable makeover.

Final Thoughts On Everything

You don’t have to have a ton of money to live in a beautiful, elegant home. You also don’t have to hire a contractor or interior designer to get that great look you’ve been dying to have. 

By doing a little homework and getting good information regarding items that work well together, you can spruce up your home in no time at all, making your personal style the most elegant design on the block.

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